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Forssa Film Office (FFO)

Forssa Film Office (FFO) is a cooperative organization coordinating national and international film, commercial and television productions. We offer free production advice and help for production companies to shoot their production in the Forssa region.

The Forssa region offers locations that haven't been worn on the movie or television screen. In our picture gallery, we present a wide range of beautiful, rough and untouched locations. We live in the midst of serene nature, magnificent waters and field landscapes, both in the city and in the idyllic countryside. Our region offers time jumps for different decades through numerous factories, residential areas and old farms. History and present go hand in hand in the Forssa region.

Forssa is located in the heart of Southern Finland at the intersection of highways 2 and 10. More than half of the population of Finland lives within 150 kilometres from Forssa, and the largest cities in Finland are only an hour’s drive away. Transitions between the locations are fast and flexible, because we have traffic without congestion. Therefore, filming in our region don't require comprehensive traffic arrangements and road closures. We have our own airport for small planes for aerial shoots and supplementary aerodrome  on shooting from moving vehicles.

We work in partnership with local businesses. With our help, you can find catering services and accommodation for various budgets, production equipment, wardrobe, car rental and many other service providers that serve production teams with a knowledgeable and multidisciplinary approach.

Cooperation with vocational school offers trainees, services and equipments to productions in one place. Our region is known for its numerous amateur theaters and actively operating associations, so we can reach actors and extras of all ages with a fast schedule. If necessary, we will help you find local film professionals, studio and production facilities.

Forssa Film Office (FFO) welcomes all film, television and commercial productions in the Forssa region!

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Forssa Film Office is part of Forssa Business Development Ltd.'s service activities.


Examples of productions filmed in the Forssa region:

  • Jukka Mäkinen: Korpelan kujanjuoksu
  • Aku Louhimies: The Unknown Soldier
  • Dome Karukoski: Tom of Finland
  • Timo Koivusalo: Here under the North Star I & II
  • Jarkko T. Laine ja JP Passi: Ajomies
  • Aki Kaurismäki: Pidä huivista kiinni, Tatjana